Lagniappe by Lindsay Flowers


the little extra things in life is lagniappe

Just B Girls by Lindsay Flowers

The Just B Girls

  Who are They? Along my spiritual journey, I found creating ART, in combination with meditation both liberating and healing. I love to practice both, creating and meditating and incorporate both into my daily life as often as possible. But… as we all know, life happens and the anxiety and stress of everyday situations creep in and upset our spiritual balance. …

Brave heART by Lindsay Flowers

Brave heART

Brave heART is all about empowering ourselves to step out of our comfort zone to express what is in our hearts. This expression can take many forms, not only in creating ART, but in our actions and deeds when interacting with the world. Generally, fear holds us back from expressing what is in our hearts. Fear of rejection, fear of …

Fairy Keepers By Lindsay Flowers

The Fairy Keepers

Who doesn’t love fairies, mermaids and unicorns? These mystical creatures have been the inspiration for art, fables and storytelling for centuries. Unfortunately, as we get older, we drift away from childhood innocence and these stories fade from our memories. Why not take these creatures to inspire our children? We decided to use a living fairy garden in order to encourage our …